My heart lies with music. Whether it’s writing, playing, producing or mixing: it's always about joy. I handle each job with professionalism without losing the creative inspiration that drives me. Things can never become boring or sterile.


I've been making music since I was six years old. Over time I've developed many interests and tastes, culminating in the fact that I work as a keyboard player, composer, producer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer. But at the heart of all this lies the love for music. After graduating summa cum laude as a keyboard player from the Pop Conservatory of Amsterdam, I've worked with many artists over the past few years.

In my mind the most important skill of working in the music industry is knowing when you are working towards a greater goal than your own. You always need to look at your role in the whole and complement the existing ideas. It is never a solo show. To this end it's also very important to be open and honest with your communication. In the end everyone involved needs to be proud of the result and happy with the process. Only then will the whole become greater than the sum of its parts.

Darius Timmer is a keyboard player, composer, producer, mixer and mastering engineer from Amsterdam.