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Outboard - Neve 8803 EQ, Tube-Tech SMC-2B, Tube-Tech MP2A, Revox A77 mkIV, Apogee Symphony MK1, Lynx Hilo, Lynx Aurora 16, RME Fireface 800, Mini Massive Passive – Mastering EQ, Neumann v475 summing mixer, IGS S-type compressor, LA 610 MKii recording channel (modded), Golden Age-73 (modded), Classic API V26, Classic API V28, Neve 1073's, UA 710, Roland Space Echo 201, Echochord 100, Yamaha E1005 and more..

Mics - Flea 47, Pearlman TM-1, AEA R84, RCA 74B, TLM 102, GrooveTubes M1, Shure SM7B, Shure SM57, Sennheiser 421, AKG 414, Neumann KM184, Shure Beta 52A, AKG D112 and more..


Instruments - Prophet 06, Juno-60, DFAM, Moog Voyager, MS10, DX7, D50, MS1, Minibrute 2, Minitaur, PS30, Philicorda, Rhodes MkI, Wurlitzer 200a, Lyra8, MotorSynth, Hammond M3, Upright Piano, Fender electric, Silvertone electric, Harmony Stratocaster electric, Martin acoustic, Levinson acoustic, Vox Panther bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Zither, Dulcimer and more..


Monitors - Focal Twin 6BE, Focal SM9, Yamaha NS10

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